Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stone Barn Holdings (“Stone Barn”)?

Stone Barn is a private investment holding company. We partner with or purchase companies we believe have an opportunity to build on their foundations and improve their value and performance, competitively in their markets.

What is of greatest interest to Stone Barn?

To find companies and people who we are excited to work with and affect change that is meaningful for all stakeholders, markets and society.

How do you finance your projects?

Every project has its own unique set of circumstances, from a buyer, seller and financing perspective. Rather than rely on a steady platform in what we believe is a steadily moving base, we look to finance each project with the right levels of equity and debt from current market participants who have an interest in the project we’re financing. This model takes more effort; however, we’ve found that it is another way to introduce independence and creativity into the mix, which has great value. Just the exercise in talking with the financial market is helpful on many levels. We are always a significant equity participant in our projects.

What is your involvement with a company after an acquisition?

During the acquisition process, we both conduct the usual and customary diligence that is required, and we start developing a plan that we think will affect the change necessary that is meaningful for everyone. From the beginning, we work with companies as their partners in executing change – something that is usually more challenging than is anticipated. As success is achieved, we take on more of an active Director role with the company.

What happens when the plan doesn’t work after an acquisition?

Either the bulls-eye we were shooting for needs our efforts to be more “targeted and successful” or we have aimed at the wrong target… it happens. Improving and building companies is a real-time activity and requires honest assessment and changes to the plan and everyone’s effort. We have been effective in helping businesses understand that change is sometimes messy. Whether we need to change our efforts to achieve our goals or we need to aim at a different target, together we will find the right efforts and target to achieve meaningful results.

What are your long-term objectives?

To continue to find companies and people we are excited about developing change with in meaningful ways.